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  • When the Rain Falls (2022) KinoX

    When the Rain Falls kinox

    Hazuki clips her nails every time it rains. She caressed 'her' with these fingers back then. Hazuki, an editor of a publishing company now, is attracted by Shiori, the head of planning. On a day when the two women soaked wet in the rain, they enter an motel for shelter and take a shower. There Hazuki sees the image of her lost "girlfriend" in Shiori and eventually they reach out to each other.

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    • ~ 84 min.
    • Drama



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    Weitere Details

    1 Votes
    Genre: Drama
    Direktor: Shusuke Kaneko
    FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
    Schauspieler: Kazumi, Kazuha Komiya, Yurisa, Aika Yukihira, Jiro Ômiya, Tomu Miyazaki, Kanari Hoshino, Satomi Houbo, Jun Hosoi

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