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  • Fatal Inheritance (1991) KinoX

    Fatal Inheritance kinox

    Jack Carnegie (Kevin Davis) is an American ‘heir-hunter’, whose job it is to trace unknown family members who should rightly inherit unassigned fortunes. He arrives in Ireland to find the sole heir to a fortune — Timothy Murphy. Murphy cannot believe his good luck and he goes out that same night, to celebrate with his fiancee, Brigid O’Toole (Emma Samms). On his way home he is attacked and murdered by a mystery assailant. Brigid is grief stricken, as is Jack — Timothy had no known heir, so he won’t able to collect his commission for delivering the inheritance to the heir.

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    • ~ 87 min.
    • Thriller Action Drama



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    Weitere Details

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    Genre: Thriller Action Drama
    Direktor: Gabrielle Beaumont
    FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
    Schauspieler: Kevin Davis, Darragh Kelly, Emma Samms, Corbin Bernsen, Jim Bartley, Barry Cassin, Phelim Drew, Dave Duffy, Tom Lawlor

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